About Girls Got Game

It’s not always about girl power.

This time it’s about a voice, loud and clear and strong, trying to rise above the din of voices who talk about everything. Female gamers represent a good chunk of the gaming and geek demographic; LGBTQ+ gamers do exist. This time, it’s about the fact that you can talk gameplay and graphics and kick-tastic gaming experience and draw more from it — academic, emotional, artistic.

This time it’s about embracing who you are and playing without apology, because that’s how someone ought to play.


the founders.

Girls Got Game was founded by Denice De Guzman, Mia Marci and Pam Punzalan.

Denice de Guzman
Denice identifies as a geek nanny, and is constantly disappointed that real life doesn’t come with a Motherlode cheat. She writes and performs funny smut with Deus Sex Machina and puts her knowledge of mundane pop culture trivia to use with Geekfight Trivia Night. She is also the events missy for CatScratch Club pop-up events , and recreates friends’ houses in Sims 3 in a totally non-creepy way.
Mia Marci
Mia Marci‘s favorite games are Xenogears, Persona 3 FES, and the Ace Attorney series. When she isn’t teaching English, she also loves Doctor Who, genre films, and is slave to her pet dog and cat.
Pamela Punzalan
Pamela Punzalan is 31, otherwise known as that age where people tend to give no fucks about nothing. Pam – also summonable by invoking the names Pammu and Pammeth – loves her games, loves her smokes, and processes things through fangirlism and rage. She’s also part of the admin team of What’s a Geek. Her friends believe she is a Red Lantern. She believes she can be a wallaby whenever she wants to be.


giving credit where credit’s due.

Girls Got Game’s previous web design was by Khursten Santos of Punked Noodle. Our logo design is courtesy of Tzi David.

The people who currently handle the backend of our website are Ade Magnaye of Noisy, Noisy Man and RJ Palabasan of What’s a Geek. To learn more about them and the rest of our staff, go here!

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