A co-founder of GGG, Mia is still coming to terms with her shadow. For now she adults but is a fangirl at heart. Favorite games: Persona 3 and the Phoenix Wright DS series. Unapologetic filthy casual.

Drink to Kill: A review of DrunkQuest

Are you ready to drink for your life? This is the quick and dirty guide to DrunkQuest: You draw cards for character class and an ability, then play proper involves drawing a treasure or facing up to a creature at play. To battle and "hit", you have to drink a number of shots equivalent of…

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Women at Cons: Where are we at?

As someone with some background in marketing, I wonder if Philippine gaming, toy, and comic book stores have managed to profile their buyers. Are boys and men still the leading buyer of geeky merchandise? Have the girls caught up, if not actually taken over in terms of contributing to sales? If so, shouldn't there be…

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Are you ready for a female Doctor?

Since Matt Smith announced that he will not be reprising his role as the 11th Doctor after this year, fans have speculated as to who is next in line as the iconic lead of the long-running sci-fi series. At this point, anyone--anything goes. In the 50 year span of the Doctor Who series, The Doctor has always…

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