So About That Sherrilyn Kenyon vs. Cassandra Clare Lawsuit

You've probably read about this already, but earlier this month, Urban Fantasy/Romance writer Sherrilyn Kenyon slapped YA author Cassandra Clare with a lawsuit. The suit claims that copyright was violated when Clare used concepts that were originally under Kenyon's Dark-Hunter novels and used in The Mortal Instruments. There are further claims that Kenyon approached her colleague some years back, in an…

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Real Talk Tuesdays: Listen to Ben

Welcome, everyone, to Real Talk Tuesdays! This is where we encourage contributors of Girls Got Game to share their feelings with us on so-called issues in "the real world". They may or may not have to do with geeky things. If you ever stumble across something that you think any of us would be interested in, feel free to drop…

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Women at Cons: Where are we at?

As someone with some background in marketing, I wonder if Philippine gaming, toy, and comic book stores have managed to profile their buyers. Are boys and men still the leading buyer of geeky merchandise? Have the girls caught up, if not actually taken over in terms of contributing to sales? If so, shouldn't there be…

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