Grimdark is Overrated: Optimism in Hero Narratives [Part I]

One of our site moms gave a talk entitled Grimdark is Overrated: The Importance of (Flowers, Sunshine & Rainbow-sh*tting Unicorns) Optimism in Hero Narratives. She delivered this during the May 28, 2017 Gamers & GMs Philippines event "May Day: Calling All Heroes!". In a similar vein to our article version of this presentation, she's put together this article…

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When Did Tabletop Come Back?


< p style="text-align: left;"> I think most people can consider themselves lucky, if they can count on more than one hand the tabletop groups they ran across in their adulthood. As for those more sheltered individuals, they probably skirted the edges of friend-groups who had monthly (maybe weekly?) sessions of a Forgotten Realms campaign. I'm…

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Remembering Old Friends: Yoshi

Welcome to “Remembering Old Friends,” a column where the writers of Girls Got Game do spotlights on video game characters that have rocked their worlds. Join us in our feelings! The question we should all be asking at this point is who DOESN'T love Yoshi? This funny little dinosaur (lizard... thing) is as iconic as…

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