NatGeo’s Mars finds us a new home

With depressing news from that week in November that we wish we could strike from history, it seems terribly apt to want to punch the eject button from Earth and live on another planet. Sadly, that won’t be possible until 2033 – at least that’s what Mars, the new National Geographic mini-series, says. Part-documentary, part-dramatization…

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Looking Towards MMFF 2016

Welcome to Real Talk Tuesdays! We encourage contributors of Girls Got Game to share their feelings on issues in “the real world” through this column. They may or may not have to do with geeky things. If you stumble across something that you think we'd be interested in, drop us a line! The views expressed in this article are personal views…

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No Apologies from 12:01


The 2016 Philippine elections have come and gone, but the message in 12:01 by writer Russell Molina and artist Kajo Baldisimo (TRESE) is still of great importance. Earlier this year, online debates popped up all over the Philippine end of Facebook. Friendships called it quits, comment threads turned nasty, and the entire thing got so toxic that I wasn’t sure…

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Girls Got Game is still alive, we swear!

Hi, guys! This is Pammu, crawling out of the void of Adulting. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the team for not producing new content in a while. Rest assured, we're still alive and kicking! GIRLS GOT GAME HAS NEW OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS! We now have an official email! If you want to contact us, email Our Contact Us page has been…

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Kumiko Yamada Refutes the UN Proposal to Ban Violent Video Games and Manga – And We Agree With Her

un proposal to ban violent video games

Welcome, everyone, to Real Talk Tuesdays! This is where we encourage contributors of Girls Got Game to share their feelings with us on so-called issues in “the real world”. They may or may not have to do with geeky things. If you ever stumble across something that you think any of us would be interested in, feel free to drop…

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