When Did Tabletop Come Back?


I think most people can consider themselves lucky, if they can count on more than one hand the tabletop groups they ran across in their adulthood. As for those more sheltered individuals, they probably skirted the edges of friend-groups who had monthly (maybe weekly?) sessions of a Forgotten Realms campaign. I'm prefacing this article with…

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Practicing with Praxis

I lead my company’s Games Club, where I recently formed a community for tabletop players. One day, a colleague who is a Sun Life Financial Advisor asked me if they could share a game in the office. Sun Life wants us to play board game in the office? I was sold immediately. A few e-mails later, my…

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They Interviewed Martin Elricsson and We Have No Idea What He’s Talking About

New World of Darkness

In case the title of this article didn't catch your attention, Imagonem interviewed Martin Elricsson, White Wolf's lead Storyteller and Brand Architect. We're of the humble opinion that he is, at many turns, talking out of his ass. There's already been some confusion about the rebranding that the group has done in order to further differentiate Classic World…

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Drink to Kill: A review of DrunkQuest

Are you ready to drink for your life? This is the quick and dirty guide to DrunkQuest: You draw cards for character class and an ability, then play proper involves drawing a treasure or facing up to a creature at play. To battle and "hit", you have to drink a number of shots equivalent of…

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