GGG Presents: Our Favorite Villains [2017 Edition]

KIMI, William Regal from WWE

Wrestling is a weird place. It’s where a performer’s career can go between being the heroic babyface (a good guy) to a spiteful heel (a bad guy) throughout the years.

It’s rare that a wrestler stays in one alignment for most of his time in the ring. But William Regal has proven himself to be the King of Villainy; in and out of the squared circle. He’s the epitome of the Evil Brit trope through and through – even if the fans love him! From a theme song which screams “I am a bad guy” to having (illegal) brass knuckles as his signature weapon; William Regal dominated wrestling rings by being the most underhanded, the most intimidating, and the most pompous.

He sneered at the good guys and he sneered at the bad guys that pissed him off. Even in his current job as the General Manager of the developmental brand NXT, he still maintains order as a lawful evil overlord who won’t think twice about using a wrestling move or two to keep up and coming talents in line.

Deeply charismatic and a “dirty rotten scoundrel with hate in his heart”, William Regal sets himself apart from other villains in WWE.

He’s managed this by being the one who, I believe, translated his great technical skill in wrestling into a move set which screams “hate me!” the best. His suplexes are beautiful to watch – they go beyond just throwing your opponent over your back to hurt them. In fact, they turn into an artful sequence of making your opponent regret fighting you.

Part brawler and part gentleman who isn’t afraid of a scrap, William Regal is one of wrestling’s best villains in my books.


JOSH, The Joker from DC Comics

As a huge Batman fan, of course it only makes sense that I’d choose The Joker as my fave villain.

Ignore his ugly-ass laugh. What makes The Joker arguably the best villain (or worst, depending on how you look at it) is the fact that he sees the world as a joke. And when the entire world is just a big, cruel joke to you and you hold nothing and no one dear, you’re absolutely dangerous and pretty much without weakness.

The Joker is so unpredictable that even the other villains who team up with him are scared of him.

He is simply the personification of chaos with a very unstable mind. And he can go on a killing spree with no discernible reason at all. The Joker’s real superhuman ability is his madness. That’s powerful enough to give other supervillains with otherworldly abilities a run for their money—er, powers…whatever.


MARIELLE, Cheryl Blossom from Archie Comics

Everyone who read Archie Comics was either #TeamBetty or #TeamVeronica. But long before Riverdale became a TV show, Cheryl Blossom was already my favorite HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge).

Sassy and scheming, Cheryl did whatever it took to get what she wanted. Sometimes it would end up blowing up in her face, but it was still fun to read.


PAU, GLaDOS (Portal)

Your evil robot overlady ♥

GLaDOS (short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is the primary antagonist of Portal 1 and an antagonist (and then reluctant sidekick) of Portal 2. She is the central core AI designed to control, guide and oversee the Enrichment Center of Aperture Science. She has near omniscient control over the facilities and is the architect of all the deadly tests the protagonist, Chell, undergoes throughout the game.

GLaDOS is a robot with highly advanced (and almost human-like) intelligence. In your first encounter with her, immediately there is a sense of dry disdain for you as the protagonist. She is cruel, casually drops insults, has a way of salting wounds; and would very much like to kill you in many elaborate ways. Even then, she is utterly funny while being all of the above.

I remember feeling a mixture of frustration and anger – but also amusement – when pushed to incinerate my Companion Cube during one of the tests in the first game. Throughout a particularly arduous puzzle, I developed an attachment to it. (It was so helpful and cute, okay?) Only to be told by GLaDOS to throw it into the fire myself.

It was cold on GLaDOS’ part. And I could almost hear her robotic glee as I, having no choice, dropped my precious friend into the incinerator. It’s a weird cocktail of feelings. It’s funny, and also terribly sad, to have done so; even if I knew that Companion Cube was just an inanimate object.

Another one of my favorite moments was in Portal 2, when I discovered that GLaDOS was once human and forced to become an AI. GLaDOS and you, as Chell, discover a piece of Caroline’s original consciousness. GLaDOS develops a conscience – which GLaDOS promptly deletes as soon as she has a chance. No way in hell was she going to warm up to Chell. That would be like admitting that Chell isn’t that dumb and annoying. No!

GLaDOS is an interesting and unique villain in that she has better things to do after she has been ‘defeated’; and that is to continue the tests in Aperture Science.

She doesn’t even really admit it was a defeat; rather, she has no more use for Chell anymore, so she can go. Other villains would usually plot revenge or become angry and hung up on the loss. Not GLaDOS. It’s just a “good riddance and thank you for your part in all this.”

It’s a refreshing sort of maturity. GLaDOS then boots Chell out of the facility (she does this in both games) and as a final ‘screw you,’ taunts her via a lovely song.

Lastly, Portal would never have been as interesting without GLaDOS. The game is still as entertaining as it was when it was released because of the familiarity, and the incredulous premise of having a crazy robot trying to kill you. For that, GLaDOS takes the cake (one that isn’t a lie) among my favorite villains.


CELES, Eclipsa Butterfly (Star vs The Forces of Evil)

Ah, the former Queen of Mewni, Eclipsa Butterfly, known for creating spells associated with dark magic.

I personally enjoyed seeing all the build up of her character in the show, despite her having very little airtime. Her name alone, Eclipsa Butterfly, has so much impact in just one mention. As far as we know, she is said to be crystallized for the crime of running away with her monster lover and, well, being the queen of darkness. Still, points for the little bit of Romeo and Juliet in there.

What I love the most about Eclipsa is that despite the harsh judgments of others, she never stopped following her heart.

Did you enjoy our special cookies from the dark side, or do you think we missed out on your special favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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