Girls Got Game Round-up: Bye-bye 2016, hello 2017!

Hi everyone! This comes a little late, but this is Noey checking in with a quick round-up of everything that’s happened for Girls Got Game in 2016.
Last year was an interesting and productive period for the site. Early on, we opened our doors to new members (come meet our staff!), churned out more content, and got invited to some pretty cool events. We also unveiled our official mascot – the GGG Cat (a little bit more on that later) – and celebrated New Year’s Eve by launching the revamped the website (yay, for mobile ready!).

Event Highlights

We already knew that AsiaPOP Comic Con and the E-Sports and Gaming Summit were the two big conventions that we definitely wanted to cover, so when the opportunity came along we were admittedly psyched!
It was a pretty amazing – if gloriously exhausting – experience that was a first for a lot of us. We’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out of thanks to What’s A Geek who collaborated with us on the coverage. Good teamwork, guys!
Another thing we’d like to highlight is our coverage of Love and Gaming, the Gamers & GMs Minicon held last February. Our EIC Pamela dropped in on the event, and you can read all about it over here.

Content Highlights

We published some really, really good articles in 2016. Before I get to the Top 10 Most Read Posts of 2016 though, I want to do a quick recap of some new columns that we launched:
Geek Word Wednesdays is where we pick a geeky word and discuss not just it’s definition, roots and use, but its relevance in the world as we know it. Real Talk Tuesdays is our space for opening up about issues and topics that we feel strongly about. 2016 left us all with a lot of feelings towards social and political issues, and putting these feelings down into words is important to us. And finally, Remembering Old Friends is where we share fond memories and experiences of the video game characters that not only mean a lot to us, but who’ve also shaped the way we play.
Please do check these columns out! We’d love to know what you think. 🙂
Now, as promised – here are the Top 10 Most Read Posts of last year:
Kimi, Arbiter Of BS, reviews the first season of K-pop Reality TV Show Unpretty Rapstar and shares her thoughts on why you should check it out.
EIC Pamela Punzalan kicks off Geek Word Wednesdays by breaking down a word that a lot of us identify as.
8. When Did Tabletop Come Back? (published December 19)
Resident freelance artist and D&D GM Lee Flores talks about her own journey into tabletop. It’s also a great primer on Youtube shows that can help you get into pen and paper gaming.
The second installment to our column, Remembering Old Friends wherein Pam talks about the cutest dragon in the Mario-verse.
#RelationshipGoals trended shortly after “Suicide Squad” hit the theaters and Kimi was having none of that nonsense where Harley Quinn and the Joker were concerned.
In yet another entry for Geek Word Wednesdays, Pam comes back to talk a little about fandom.
There was a lot to feel shitty about in 2016 – but there were a number of things that made us happy too. Here’s the rundown of our Top Geek Things of 2016!
This flew under the radar for some, but with Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters airing, there was a bit of a fuss about copyright, plagiarism and uncomfortable similarities to a little known series called the Dark Hunters. I decided to weigh in on that.
We only have this to say to sum up Pam’s review of FFXV: fangirl tears and so much SALT. Go read more to see why we agree.
And our #1 article for 2016 with over 4k views goes to indie comic artist Dana Martinez. Here, Dan pens an open letter about locally produced tv show Alyas Robin Hood and the reason why so many people were mad about it.

Site Highlights

Website revamp aside, GGG also upped our social media game last year. If you aren’t already following us, you can hit us up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Want to connect? Just hit the follow button or message us! We promise we answer back :3
girls got game 2016
Say hello to the GGG cat! She’s pretty damn cuddly if you ask us.
We’d also like to thank Lee Flores for our beautiful mascot (also featured shredding last year’s calendar as you can see above). You’ll no doubt be seeing more of her in the coming months – and why not? Our darling ket is adorable!
Aaaand I think that’s pretty much everything! Please do poke around the site to see what else we shared this year (Read: there was a LOT). No need to be shy about leaving us comments either! We might lag a bit on the response rate, but we’ll definitely make it a point to respond more often.
Thanks so much for reading everyone, and here’s to another year of playing without apology!

If you’d like to contribute to GGG, feel free to reach out through any of our social media accounts, or drop us a line at
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