Podcast PH Friday Features: August 2017 Edition

Podcast PH - July & August 2017

Metro Manila traffic is ranked among the top 10 worst in the world. And it’s no surprise that Filipino commuters are turning to different forms of audio to escape the noise. While carefully curated playlists and Spotify recommendations are still popular favorites, podcasts are quietly and slowly gaining ground among content-starved listeners.

Why not spend your commute learning something new? Or listening to amazing stories, or even just laughing at jokes made by someone who shares similar interests? Let’s not forget that you can listen to these shows on-demand, any time, anywhere.

Over at the Podcast PH Facebook Group, my friends and I are enthusiastic about downloadable radio shows. We coo over new Serial-like series, chatter over episodes of The Magnus Archives, and recommend podcasts to those who have “nothing to listen to”. (Or, we laugh at people like me, who have more than 600+ unplayed episodes.)

We also celebrate the fact that Filipinos have proven to be great podcasters that find audiences from all over the world. We do so through #PodcastPHFriday, a weekly event where we feature Filipino-produced podcasts to give these a little lovin’ and support.

Here’s a quick rundown of our July/August 2017 #PodcastPHFriday picks:

The Manila Boy Podcast


The Manila Boy Podcast is an Australia-based, Filipino-oriented podcast. They feature talk about what’s up in the Philippines and the everyday life of Filipinos everywhere. Listen to real life stories in their tambay sessions. And have fun while they discuss everything and anything under the sun!

Rytz of The Manila Boy Podcast is probably the first Pinoy podcaster I’ve met that isn’t based in the Philippines. He currently lives in Australia, and his podcast has gained quite a following among OFWs just wanting a little spark of home. Rytz likes to talk about random things: basketball, news from back home, to the OFW experience.

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-manila-boy-podcast/id1152317586 

Subscribe on Android: subscribeonandroid.com/manilaboypodcast.libsyn.com/rss

More info: cocopod.club/the-manila-boy-podcast


The TMG Podcast


The TMG Podcast is a video game podcast based in the Philippines. They cover everything and anything concerning video games. It’s also the official podcast of toomuchgaming.net.

The TMG Podcast by Miggy and Carlos of Too Much Gaming is one of the longest-running Pinoy-made podcasts I know. They have hundreds of episodes out, have gone through plenty of host changes. And they still pump out a couple of new eps a month. Check them out for news on the latest video game releases, rundowns of press conferences by game companies, and even random recommendations.

(Full disclosure: a mention of Prison Architect in one of their episodes pushed me to get it for myself. #NoRegrets)

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/tmg-podcast/id718176446

More info: cocopod.club/tmg-podcast


In The Car After


In the Car After is a podcast where Denise and Raffy talk about a movie, event or show in the car right after they check it out. They focus on 3 main areas of geekery: movies, wrestling and video games! This is also the official podcast of geekendgladiators.com.

I love the title of this show by the Geekend Gladiators. The story behind it supposedly goes: the hosts had a special guest, and Raffy insisted on recording inside their car for, well, authenticity. I think it’s also great that you get two differing perspectives when they go into a certain geeky movie, event, or show.

For fun movie reviews, rundowns on geeky events, and plenty of wrestling-related discussion, check out In The Car After today.

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/in-the-car-after/id1190100089

More info: cocopod.club/in-the-car-after


Tres Komikeros


Tres Komikeros A weekly podcast that talks about comic books, graphic novels, comics book movies & TV shows, and everything else in a leotard. It features comic book review shows, discussions, and articles by 2-4 nerds who like comic books a little too much.

This podcast is interesting because the hosts are not only comic book enthusiasts — they’re comic book artists as well. Eisner Awards 2017 nominee John Amor said that he and his co-hosts created the podcast to introduce the comic book world to listeners. New readers can feel easily overwhelmed by lore. This was their way of addressing that.

Listen to Tres Komikeros if you want comic book recommendations, debates on Marvel vs DC, and more comic-related news.

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/bw/podcast/tres-komikeros/id424207711

More info: cocopod.club/tres-komikeros


TechShake Radio


TechShake Radio is the official podcast of TechShake, a Philippine-based company. They follow the stories of founders, investors, influencers, and the local startup community.

Considering that I’ve got friends in the local startup community, this podcast is quite interesting to me. I love knowing that there are people out there who push for Pinoy entrepreneurs to try their hand at business, leadership, and success.

Check out TechShake Radio for inspiring and eye-opening stories of the Philippines’ very own startup community.

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/techshake-radio/id1160783326

Subscribe on Android: subscribeonandroid.com/feeds.feedburner.com/TechshakeRadio

More info: cocopod.club/techshake-radio


And that’s the rundown for the July/August 2017 #PodcastPHFriday picks!

There are so many more Filipino-produced podcasts to discover. Not to mention great content for Pinoys to share to the world. I hope this list helps you find an interesting podcast to listen to today!

If you have suggestions for a #PodcastPHFriday feature, feel free to leave Camille a message in the comments, or contact her through email at camille@cocopod.club. You can also join Podcast PH on Facebook for opportunities to share your podcasts and support local productions!

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