Some Real Talk from the Founders and Editors of Girls Got Game

Some real talk from the founders and editors of Girls Got Game

We grew up playing and looking up to heroes – male and female. Some of the characters we loved the most in the games, movies, and series’ we followed growing up largely lead a journey in search of and to create a better world. As we live in times and a world, frayed and torn from inequality and oppression, we found our hope through these heroes.

While we deliberately keep things light on the political front with our content, there are some recent events that we cannot look past. In light of the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines to bury Ferdinand Marcos in Libingan ng Mga Bayani, we join millions of Filipinos in protest against it.

Marcos is nothing like the heroes we’ve looked up to over the years. He has stolen billions of dollars which his family continues to benefit from today, and he has also abused his own power to allow the murder and destruction of hundreds and thousands of innocent Filipino lives during the period of Martial Law.

This is not a politically-fueled myth – head to your local library or bookstore to read about it; and for our international readers, we’d like to offer this link from the individuals who arranged for the People Power Experiential Museum hosted earlier this year. Know the facts beyond what’s posted on random Facebook “historical” posts.

Art by Vincent Trinidad. Image taken from Alan Robles’ “Marcos Loyalists Online” (

Marcos is not a hero. Marcos should not be buried with military honors, and he should not be laid to rest at Libingan ng Mga Bayani. The SC decision is a dark mark in Philippine history and we are in fear of its repercussions in the near future.

The Girls Got Game Administration Team

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