Meet the Staff

The team grew a lot this last year, so we figured it was time that our readers got a proper introduction to everyone.


Pamela Punzalan is 31, otherwise known as that age where people tend to give no fucks about nothing. Pam – also summonable by invoking the names Pammu and Pammeth – loves her games, loves her smokes, and processes things through fangirlism and rage. She’s also part of the admin team of What’s a Geek. Her friends believe she is a Red Lantern. She believes she can be a wallaby whenever she wants to be.
Admin & Contributing Editor
Noey Pico is a tiny Ball of Feelings™, with a passion for music, writing, and all things geek. Is carrying on an ongoing love affair with comic books and tabletop, and believes in faeries (she does, she does). She’s was a contributing editor at What’s a Geek, because it’s the closest thing she’s got to being a jaeger pilot.
Admin & Contributing Editor
Marielle Baysa is a bookworm/fashionista/foodie/daydreamer. She likes climbing things and taking naps. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a cat.
Mia Marci
Mia Marci‘s favorite games are Xenogears, Persona 3 FES, and the Ace Attorney series. When she isn’t teaching English, she also loves Doctor Who, genre films, and is slave to her pet dog and cat.
Denice de Guzman
Denice identifies as a geek nanny, and is constantly disappointed that real life doesn’t come with a Motherlode cheat. She writes and performs funny smut with Deus Sex Machina and puts her knowledge of mundane pop culture trivia to use with Geekfight Trivia Night. She is also the events missy for CatScratch Club pop-up events , and recreates friends’ houses in Sims 3 in a totally non-creepy way.

our contributors.

Ari writes and edits marketing copy for a living, but it's in telling stories that he comes alive. In the time he keeps to himself, he is an irregular DM, a VN narrative designer, and a writer of too-long short stories. Favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, H.P. Lovecraft, and Joe Abercrombie.
Carlo Rivera, teacher extraordinaire, was born in 1986, shortly after a major revolution that he claims was not inspired by his coming. He entered the Ateneo at the age of five and basically never left.

You can find him on campus, where he teaches poetry, gives terrifying exams, and corrupts the minds of impressionable freshmen. He has an AB in English literature, a minor in Philosophy, and is working on a Master’s degree in Literary and Cultural Studies. His goal is to someday become a legendary teacher.

When he’s not checking papers or writing articles for sexy people such as yourselves, he enjoys fantasy novels, video games, and playing with his cat, Baron.
Debby Falcon is mother to a sweet Siamese cat (Garrus Meowkarian!) and a creative designer by profession. Will play almost any game but has an irrational fear of zombie games. Leans towards MMOs, casual mobile games and tabletop games. Small eyes, big rage.
Frieda Mak titles herself as a self-proclaimed tomboy, serial casual gamer and occasional napper. Lover of games of all kinds, be it digital or not, listens to anime and video game soundtracks 90% of the time, and is eternally obsessed with a certain character known to many as Bruce Banner. Occasionally contributes to GGG when she can actually process her emotions into coherent English words.
An aspiring software developer and system administrator by day, an obsessive gamer geek by night.

When he's not busy playing on his gaming PC, he likes to spend the rest of his free time devouring podcasts and tech news articles. Weird gaming interests include truck driving simulators and heavily modded Morrowind sessions.
"I exist as I am, that is enough." - Walt Whitman
Josh is a book lover first and foremost, and when not reading, you can find him drowning in movies and TV shows. He's a big fan of Batman, indie pop, and many other random things. He occasionally posts movie reviews for his blog:
Judith is an unapologetic fangirl who doesn't need much excuse to dress up as her favorite characters. She likes to spend her time on the Internet or anywhere she can nom, preferably both at the same time.
In full: Her Radiance Rhaena Targaryen Malfoy, the Dauntless, Kapitana of the Ruscats, Khaleesi of Slytherin House, and Queen of England. In brief: Reina. Nerd, nurse, writer. Keeps her writing on and reading on Bibliofeline!
Ricky has been a gamer since the beginning. He tirelessly develops himself as he believes in a sound mind in a sound body. An IT guy by profession, he currently leads his office interest games club of over 2,000 members which caters online, card, console, and tabletop games.
"Some call me cool, some call me strange, but I prefer to be called a dragon."
I am a Game Development student who wishes to spread the love of games.
Meiya Mie
Meiya has lurked and written for fandom since she was fourteen years old. You can view her work at Archive of Our Own or spazz with her on Twitter.

the editors.

Camillelikes to bake cookies and write things - when she's not micromanaging her cities or traversing dungeons. She plays too much Team Fortress 2 and is secretly in love with John Galt. You can also check out more of her work at or hit her up on Twitter via @geekyDC.
Kimi is a half English half Filipino philosophy postgrad in Ireland by day and a geek by night, who splits her writing between GGG and What's A Geek.

When she's not terrifying undergrads, she spends her time playing mono blue Magic the Gathering decks, hugging her PS4/3DS, cosplaying and crying over her husbandos and waifus in Fate/Grand Order. Determined to be a katsudon that seduces men (and women) with her mad skillz.

Known everywhere as spectrumrays.
Jerica will soon fulfill her dream of becoming a real-life Pokémon Master. She loves true crime, reading fanfiction, and crafting. Her hair magically changes color when she’s bored (or so she wishes).
Goes by Michael, Mike, Mikey, dude, pare, or bro. Constantly gushes about food, games, gadgets, books, movies, and shows. Sometimes writes about them, too.
Non-binary, bisexual and a writer of many naughty and scary things (sometimes both at the same time). Likes the feels-y video games and anime with the ambiguous label as 'psychological'. Pretends to be a 1920's gangster with their dark jazz playlist. Find them onTwitter complaining about something random.

graphics & creatives.

Aeron is a freelance illustrator who spends her free time writing and playing video games. She loves cute things, which is interestingly juxtaposed with her love of really cool video game weapons. Her ultimate goal is to design characters. Follow her work over on her website and Tumblr.
Anna is an Interior Designer by day and potato by night, and a full-time Pug momma of one. Heck, she sounds like she’s always on a packed schedule, but she still makes sure to have ample time for pizza and gaming (because priorities). You can also catch up with her (a.k.a. WAGbot Mom) over at What’s A Geek.
Full time Keyakizaka fan, part time illustrator and gamer. Spends most of her time watching her fave idol group, playing games and doodling cute things. Ice cream is her energy food and the rain gives her the best mood. Still building her portfolio and starting to make a name for herself in the art world. Follow her progress via her Facebook pageand Twitter: @songceles.
Danzy photoshops things for a living while raising two four dogs. Loves horror movies, trashy television shows, and painfully spicy food. Her idea of happiness involves a faraway cabin in the woods with ten dogs and stable WiFi — the evil dead sold separately.
Huhsmile is a Graphic Designer by day, and Graphic Designer sleeping by night.

She's out to be the most shoujo of them all.
A kaldkaring introvert that plays around with the pencil and photoshop. His crystal gem is table salt.
"Freelance artist big into DND and Overwatch."
I throw 5e DnD at my friends over at #TheBullshittersOfAvila on a weekly basis , sometimes without reading the Monster Manual. I believe in the core design principle for Overwatch ("dare to see [the world] for what it could be") and wish more games, both video and tabletop, shared that kind of openness.
"The sushi that can!"
Loves TRPG and stories of nearly any medium. Binge watches fact shows and podcasts way too much. Loves collecting stickers way too much. Gives the perfect amount of puns, which is, way too much.
"Artist. Entrepreneur. Digital Manager."
Nine, also known as @ninesaur is an entrepreneur / freelance artist. She enjoys listening to lo-fi hiphop music, playing MMORPG's, vlogging and just making things happen.
"Sinigang is life."
A hungry artist, hungry for knowledge and delicacies complimented with rice.

web & tech.

Delusional bassist who moonlights as a wordsmith. I write for Noisy, Noisy Man, and What's A Geek. Quick, follow me on Twitter and Facebook!
RJ likes taking photos. Upload consistency varies between 2 weeks to 2 years. He lurks behind the scenes for What's a Geek as part of the admin team. If either website is down it's probably his fault.
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